Sibylle Baier - Colour Green (Orange Twin) Reviewed

on Sunday, 6 January 2008
Sibylle Baier - Colour Green (Orange Twin)

Got my hands on this simply due to the agreeability of the cover and as such I feel that yet again my theory that you most certainly can judge an album by its cover has been proved right. Here in Sibylle Baier we have an uncanny resemblance to folk hero Vashti Bunyan, not only in sound but also in story. The following is taken from Last.Fm

"It would seem that an intangible, profoundly haunting and dreamlike force accompanies a handful of folk musicians of the early 1970s era. In an eerily similar fashion to her two folk lady contemporaries Vashti Bunyan and Linda Perhacs, German folk singer Sibylle Baier recorded a handful of songs in the early '70s without ever releasing them publicly, only to vanish without a trace for over three decades, devoting her life to raising a family. The story goes as follows: In a particularly dark and moody period of her young life, Claudine, a friend of Sibylle's, dragged her out from under the bed and took her on a road trip to Strasbourg, ending up across the Alps in Genoa. Upon the return from this trip Sibylle felt her spirits renewed and she set out to write the song "Remember the Day", grateful for being alive. It was the first song she ever wrote. Recorded in the early 70's in her home on a reel to reel recording device, the songs on what is now known as Colour Green are intimate portraits of life's sad and fragile beauty. Years later her son transferred her music from an old tape reel to CDs as presents for their family during an anniversary of her birthday. The son happened to be friends with J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. fame, who happened to hear the CD and pass it along promptly to Orange Twin records. The album Colour Green has been released on February 7th 2006, some 30 years after its humble beginnings."

If this still leaves you without a clue, think Isobel Campbell's most bittersweet moments given a spoonful of consistency that she can sadly lack. Possibly of interest to fans of Meg Baird, Josephine Foster and the Charalambides.

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