Phon Noir & The Young Republic Reviewed

on Sunday, 24 February 2008
Phon Noir - the figurines are moving (Sub Rosa)

A delightful album of layered electronics, found sounds and gentle guitars coming over like a mixture of Bright Eyes and The Postal Service given a laconic remix by Four Tet, all woven and sewn up into a little package of early morning sunrise.

Best taken as a piece of music rather than any individual tracks that jump out, here Matthias Grubel satisfies those like myself who were disappointed by Khonnor's much talked about Handwriting.


Phon Noir - We Still Miss The Future

The Young Republic - 12 Tales From Winter City (End of the Road)
Another great pop album, this time from the talented Boston octet The Young Republic mixing Belle and Sebastian, Hefner, The Tyde and even early Embrace without sounding identical to any of them. Great well written and perfectly executed pop songs, mixing both folk and country along the way, stylish and instantly memorable.

The Young Republic - Excuses to See You mp3
The Young Republic - Girl From The Northern States mp3

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