on Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Somehow managed to go without posting this, one of my favourite songs of the year.


"On paper, "I Know This (Can't Be Love)" is the type of song title that would be released in some awful, tabloid-reproted post-breakup haze by some fading young Disney star. In reality, it's actually an incessant earworm track form British producer xxxy, in advance of his Everything EP. It splices and repeats a sped-up sample of the titular phrase over the top of warped synth phaser chords, breezing pleasantly along until the three and a half minute mark, where the beat really kicks in, ratching the song's groove another level. Listen below. [Stereogum]"

xxxy - I know this (can't be love) by Well Rounded Records
Took me a while to get my head around this, a little r & b sounding to start with, on deeper inspection its a beautiful track that exposes Doe voice, set against solo piano and gentle beats to be an instrument in itself, creating something both haunting and otherworldly, chillingly beautiful.


Literally just discovered, a gloriously stretched out dream piece...very beautiful

No doubt old news, but quite possibly my favourite song of the year.

Even further behind the times...



‘Bounce 4 Life’ finds Monolithium offering the perfect mixture of club-ready footwork snare rolls and low swung hip hop, a glossy get-together of pitched vocals and super-melodic synth chords. Lead single ‘Bounce 4 Life’ is an undestroyable hymn that DJs have been rinsing all summer long. The back-stabbing ‘Lancashire Hammer’ slows down dance to rap tempi, while ‘Pavillionaire’ (featuring Prison Garde) joins boogie with high-pitched vocal samples and sickly-sweet synthesizer arpeggios. On ‘Spiral Face’ and ‘Sleepy Beauty’, Monolithium takes a slightly more ambient and elegiac approach to tech beats, with the former paying clever tribute to classic jungle and the later focussing on melodic sophistication a bit more. Remix support on ‘Bounce 4 Life’ comes from fellow Canadian Ryan Hemsworth (Wedidit), UK producer KingThing (Infrasonics), and our own H-SIK.
Released by: Error Broadcast 
Release/catalogue number: ebc020
Release date: Dec 10, 2012 
A lovely twinkling piece of ambience that reminds me of that great Textile Ranch/Charles Atlas split that I always used to bang on about with an added coating of the downtempo chillwave that finds it way onto those brilliant portals compilations.

mp3 and video reposted from Silent Shout 

 Kool Music – Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Can't think who the flip this reminds me of, maybe a little Hot Chip heavily baked in swirls of sixties psychedelia  delightful bass and a vocal hook that I still can't place almost a whole sentence later, maybe a touch of Sufjan, you know, that kind of effortlessly brilliant sound.

Classic in sound and instantly loveable.

on Friday, 9 November 2012
Lovely little video from the great band Tops.

“Shot on location at Northern Secondary School’s dance class for deaf students taught by Tracy Hsu. Using large speakers to transfer vibrations through the dance floor, and a soft glass mirror which mimicked the rhythm of the song visually, the kids in Tracy’s class showed us how they like to experience and dance to music.”

on Tuesday, 6 November 2012
Empress Of, steps out from her mysterious Colorminutes to give us a full length video of new single Champagne, perhaps not as strong as it's B-Side the already heavily played Don't Tell Me but still well worthy of three minutes of your life.

on Saturday, 3 November 2012
Fiona Apple, vague memories of her being around in the nineties, whatever the case, recent track Every Single Night is a treat of a song not to be missed. The LOL Boys Edit takes it to another level. Great Stuff.

Probably my favourite out and out pop song of the year to date, stupidly catchy and obscenely repeatable, a heart felt love song that will embed itself on your mind.

Nothing out of the ordinary, just good old hook laden pop finished of with boy girl vocals. Enjoy.