xxxy - I Know This (Can't be Love)

on Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Somehow managed to go without posting this, one of my favourite songs of the year.


"On paper, "I Know This (Can't Be Love)" is the type of song title that would be released in some awful, tabloid-reproted post-breakup haze by some fading young Disney star. In reality, it's actually an incessant earworm track form British producer xxxy, in advance of his Everything EP. It splices and repeats a sped-up sample of the titular phrase over the top of warped synth phaser chords, breezing pleasantly along until the three and a half minute mark, where the beat really kicks in, ratching the song's groove another level. Listen below. [Stereogum]"

xxxy - I know this (can't be love) by Well Rounded Records