Hot Lava - Lavalogy

on Friday, 18 September 2009

A pop discovery of the most exquisite type, gloriously essential, horribly catchy and delightfully lo-fi. I read reviews of Hot Lava, all over the top and claiming perfect pop, i could only expect it to be exceptionally poor and on first listen i was far from convinced. However Swine Flu was kind to me and kept me off work for two week, enabling me to discover the Playstation again and thus hours on end of music, most of which ended up being this gem of a record by Hot Lava.

Brilliant, no exceptional, fun, short pop songs that'll have you tapping along and singing sub consciously before you even get past the third track. I honestly feel as passionately about Hot Lava as I did when I first discovered Lacrosse. A band not to be missed.

Each song seemingly a bit better than the last, you'll be fighting over which is your favourite, Apple Option Fire? Blue Dragon? Jpeg in the Sun? o retorno da lovefoxxx? I could go on.

Track it down and let yourself be won over.

Hot Lava - Task Master mp3

Source: Walrus Music

Hot Lava - JPG in the Sun mp3

Source: Kata Rokker