Best Coast - Crazy For You

on Saturday, 16 October 2010

The early Best Coast seven inches were somewhat lo-fi, that being an underexaggeration and although i'm all for the bedroom musician, they lacked a ceratin something, whilst at the same time having a glint of greatness, just a glint mind. I was a little unsure as to whether or not to bother with the full length but found myself curious of the hype, also a little worried to find that NME named Best Coast as most exciting new act of 2010, since when did I agree with the NME!!??

Anyways, it would appear that Miss Bethany Cosentino (previously of weirdy noise types Pocahaunted, though you'd never think that possible) has got the Mr Sheen out and given her little pop ditties a shiny finish.

It's safe to say that anyone with even the least bit of musical sense will be completely won over by this album, from the very start when she sings "I wish he was my boyfriend" you're without doubt already wishing she was your girlfriend. The album continues at this same high quality throughout , each song littered in affection, the confusion of love and all those sings that go through your mind at that time in life.

At times i think of bands like All Girl Summer Fun Band less a certain percentage of the fun factor, less giddy head over heels in love, more besotted and confused but adorable all the same.

This is gonna be one my albums of the year for sure.

mp3 source: Unpiano

Best Coast - Crazy for You mp3
Best Coast - Goodbye mp3
Best Coast - Boyfriend mp3

Spoiler : What Boomkat Said :
One of the most excitedly anticipated and talked about rock albums of 2010 arrives after a snowballing of blog attention, and great lead-up singles. The buzz around Best Coast was to some extent inherited from frontwoman Bethany Cosentino's previous band, Pocahaunted, but this current project provides a very different outlet for her talents. After early ultra lo-fi bedroom recordings - with the help of cohort Bobb Bruno - Cosentino has nurtured Best Coast into a fully fledged alt. pop forced to be reckoned with, prompting parallels to be drawn with '90s American lo-fi, grunge and like-minded West Coasters like Wavves (who similarly litter recordings with references to beaches, the summer and weed). Naivety and songwriting simplicity seeps through every pore of Crazy For You, but what Bethany Cosentino lacks in musicianship and innovation she effortlessly makes up for thanks to an understanding of classic pop music and her innate ability to write great songs out of two-and-a-half chords at a time. Lyrically these pieces don't stray too far beyond the realm of heartache cliche, and yet as with the join-the-dots chord wrangling every passing moment is underscored by a palpable sense of honesty and sincerity. Cuts like the heavenly 'Our Deal' or opener 'Boyfriend' could hardly be more perfectly formed, despite their primal, ostensibly hackneyed assemblage; lines like "I wish he was my boyfriend/I'd love him to the very end/But instead he is just a friend" don't look great on paper, and yet on record there's some real pop alchemy afoot here.

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