Disrupt - Foundation Bit (Werk, 2007)

on Saturday, 16 October 2010

Having long since being resigned to the fact that I would never fully understand dubstep and only occasionally enjoy finding myself in the middle of dancefloor full of people moving in that staggered way that it's lazy beat forces you to, I've been surprised by how much i've begun to enjoy the genre of late. This new found love is in part due to EL-P's wonderful weareallgoingtoburninhell mix with it's occasional dubstep influence and also in part due to this wonderful album that i discovered on a regular visit to the highly recommended Glowing Raw blog.

It's not out and out dubstep, in fact if you wanted to strip it down to the bare facts it's propbably a dub/8-bit hybrid, however you sometimes need an inbetweener album to help you cross over into a new musical haven. In this instance Disrupt have done sufficiently well in helping me take that step.

The album is laced with lovely deep and heavy bass lines, dubby and maybe even in debt to reggae somehow. The kind of thing that would normally have me switching tracks, instead the bass lines are so simple, the whole sound in fact is stripped down but these bare elements, when put together make for a highly addictive sound.

Listen Here

Disrupt - Tubby Rom Module mp3
Disrupt - Bomb 20 mp3
Disrupt - Blast You to Bits mp3

MP3 Source: Phlow

Spoiler : What Boomkat Said:
Probably the most talked-about BASS transmission of recent months - the long awaited debut album from Disrupt is with us and is doing things to our woofers we didn't think quite possible. Make no mistake - this is just about the best appropriation of Jamaican dub and 8-bit dancehall you'll likely hear this year - with a slow paced skank and a filthy, uber-bassy production style that has more in common with king Tubby, Black Art and, for that matter, black magic than with any half-arsed wobble presets and lazy dubplates you just might have picked up these last twelve months. Once inside Disrupt's rugged echo-chamber you'll find yourself immersed in a heady, narcotic cloud of smoke, moved by staggered delays, endless reverberations and a tranquilizing cluster of distant instruments and digital detritus all colluding to lull you in and f*ck with your mind good and proper. This is music designed for complete and utter sensory intoxication, tweaked and honed for intense stupefied skanking - and is quite simply one of the most beautifully heavy, chemically enhanced albums you'll hear this year. -Boomkat

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