The Battle of Land & Sea - The Battle of Land & Sea

on Monday, 22 December 2008
The Battle of Land & Sea - The Battle of Land & Sea
It's a record that i have heard little about since its release but one of those that has constantly remained on my less than generous 4gb ipod, resurfacing every now and again and each time as refreshingly pleasing on the ears as the play before. Here we find lush folk songs, songs that recall the excellent The Finches, yet more like them had they joined forces with the Charalambides, everything soaked in reverb and sounding magical for it. Obvious references would be Josephine Foster and Marissa Nadler, maybe Beach House too but really references and influences are unecessary in this case as The Battle of Land & Sea have produced something beautiful enough to be recognised in their own rights.

The Battle of Land & Sea - Saltwater Queen mp3
The Battle of Land & Sea - The Beautiful Ones mp3

Sources: 78s

Last FM: Spooky and beautiful…calling out all the old ghosts from past recordings on beautifully warbled vinyl. The Battle of Land and Sea recreate an old jazz club atmosphere but with a little sawdust on the floor. The Battle of Land and Sea was formed in early 2006 by long time musical partners Sarah O’Shura(vocals/guitar) and Joshua Canny(guitar). They self released their first recording - a home recorded 6 song mini-album produced and engineered by Jacob Golden in February 2007 - to a growing passionate fan base. In April 2007 they became part of the Notenuf Records family, Notenuf is an indie label based out of Brooklyn, Berlin and Bloomington. With a DIY attitude and work aesthetic that reaches past their music, they are believers in creating a complete creative musical life - living rooms tours, tee shirts, hand painted 7 inch sleeves, these all fit in comfortably among the music.

Norman Records:
The Battle Of Land And Sea have been compared to Marisa Nadler, Songs Of Green Pheasant and Cat Power. I couldn't really argue with that listening to the haunting sounds of their self titled CD on Notenuf Records. The acoustic guitar has a real magical quality that draws you straight in. Then the enchanting female vocal sounds of Sarah O' Shusa are both sexy and fragile and ultimately seduces you into what's the most tender, absorbing, deeply personal, spectral music I've heard all day. Phil has made a comparison to Christina Carter which is also a worthy reference point. Gentle beautiful music that comes heartily recommended.