Ooberman - Full Discography

on Saturday, 27 December 2008

Whilst i put the finishng touches to my end of year list let me recommend you some pristine pop from yesteryear, (and probably the best gig i have ever been to) the lovely Ooberman who have decided to exchange their whole discography, less a couple of singles but all the same thats five albums and an EP of their instantly wonderful pop.

All you have to do is join their mailing list, follow this link and its all pretty self explanatory. I did it and immediately received the link and am yet to have any other emails so it is no sc am.

If you're still not convinced let the following tracks do the talking for me, Shorley Wall is one of the lovliest pop songs you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.

Ooberman - Shorley Wall
Ooberman - Blossoms Falling
Ooberman - Bees
Ooberman - Bluebell Morning
Ooberman - Hands That Get Burnt