The Postmarks - By The Numbers

on Saturday, 13 December 2008

The Postmarks - By The Numbers
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Released: November 11, 2008

1. One Note Samba
2. You Only Live Twice
3. Three Little Birds
4. OX4
5. Five Years
6. Six Different Ways
7. 7-11
8. Eight Miles High
9. Nine Million Rainy Days
10. Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
11. 11:59
12. Pinball Number Count

I recognise a few of these tracks, track 12 in particular, (its a cover of a Sesame Street jingle (dig out the Venetian Snares also to bring those memories flooding back)) and a couple of other songs, You Only Live Twice is familiar from a youth of saturday afternoon James Bond and sadly the string section that Robbie Williams borrowed for Millenium. If you ignore the fact that these are covers and sit back, take in those velvety vocals, let them wrap you up, let them warm your soul on these cold winter days, you will be left simply enchanted. With By The Numbers The Postmarks have taken 12 songs and made them their own, drenching them in reverb and letting them revolve around Tim Yehezkely (thats a female Tim) dreamy vocals revived from a sixties startlet. Dreamy and Jangly enough to keep any Sarah Records or Matinee Records obsessive occupied for a month or two, certain to be in my top albums for the year.

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Pinball Count