Ibreathefur - Every Day You Look Different (Under The Spire)

on Saturday, 27 November 2010
The highly consistent Under the Spire label deliver another slice of droney pie in the form of Ibreathefur's excellent Every Day You Look Different, the four tracks here are wonderfully wintry and gravelly in sound, similar in sound to the experimental drones of Wixel and perhaps Ben Frost especially towards the end of Through Turbines, the grating static, churning it's way through imaginery nets and slipping into your receptive ear drums.

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Spoiler : What Boomkat Said:
4 track EP on CD-R in hand-stamped & numbered recycled card packaging with two inserts. 100 copies only* Ibreathefur is the project name of Chris Spearman, here delivering a work full of tension and dynamics, one minute pummelling you with harsh electronic noise the next soothing you with calm and fuzzy drones. A maelstrom of electronic noise hits you as this lovely 4-tracker opens, bringing to mind the more glacial sheets of noise Tim Hecker has perfected over the years. 'Nylon Light Bleed', quietens down with a manipulated acoustic guitar that falls back into a swirling hiss over mellow drones. The EP finishes with beautiful field recordings, rounding off a lovely release from this interesting new artist.