17. Gonjasufi - Kowboyz & Indians (Warp)

on Sunday, 26 December 2010
One of those incredible tracks, that probably isn't meant to be considered pop, yet its hugely Indian influenced backing was simply impossible to ignore, the lyrics too, so deadpan and straight to the point, "I'm turning your John Wayne into another John Doe/ I'm not your lone ranger I'm not your John Doe".

The album itself was strong, the track Sheep perhaps being even better than this, Ageing gloriously blues like in sound, like it had been ripped straight from an old 78, DedNd sounding like it was auditioning for a future Flora commercial, but nothing quite caught the immediacy and invention of this track.

Kowboyz&Indians / My Only Friend (BUY)

Spoiler : What Boomkat Said:
The enigmatic GonjaSufi is by far one of the more interesting recent recruits to the Warp roster. With a voice as distinctive as his, and a solid rep in the LA beat scene, it would appear that he's got the pick of the production litter at his disposal too. The Gaslamp Killer-produced 'Kowboyz&Indians' sounds like some pedigree nugget from the Finders Keepers archives, weaving fuzz-toned psyche beats with mesmerizing chants and his strange vocal cadence, a raspy blues twang with a mysterious hint of the exotic. On the flip 'My Only Friend' maybe gives a better display of his range, setting hushed and introverted sung tones to an acid fried psyche beat backing hinting at J.P Massiera mixed with Broadcast. It's all splendidly odd and suitably psychotic for one of Flying Lotus' favourite artists, promising something very interesting from his forthcoming album.