Some Reliable End of the Year Lists

on Thursday, 23 December 2010
I love this time of year, spanning back as far as 1996, I still vividly remember sitting down and carefully studying both the NME's and the Melody Makers top albums of the years, intricately studying each album and actually discovering some real gold, for instance that years list spawned one of my all time favourite albums Sparklehorses Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot along with The Dirty Three - Horse Stories, Tortoise - Millions Now Living Will Never Die and Lambchop - How I Quit Smoking. It then became quite the obsession to grab every magazine come the arrival of the January issue and scour it for those albums that I missed, Mojo, Q, Select, Vox, you name it, I bought it.

(great website featuring all the old lists

These days things are slightly different, so much music is available to download or to stream and I find myself hearing more music than ever, admittedly not quality listening but still, and yet the lists have as always slapped me in the face with a number of undiscovered or ignored artists that have been making waves. As always there is alot of trash out there that you shouldn't believe, the following are some that I'm confident that you can trust and will no doubt discover something wonderful and new to tie a ribbon around another year of wonderful music. Until I produce my list...sometime soon...of course :-)

Fact Magazine - Top 40 albums of 2010
Emusic top 80
Boomkat (numerous lists from amazing artists, always a treasure trove, i'm setting a day and a loan aside for this!)
The Liminal
Various Artists on 12k recs Albums of 2010
The Wire top 50 Albums of 2010