El-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3

on Wednesday, 8 December 2010
Decided to put this on whilst wallowing in self pity this afternoon, all sneezed out and drained of energy, we Brits are not cut out for this kind of weather. I'd forgot quite how good this was and quite how much I loved it, after all this was the record, although not being dubstep, helped we finally crack dubstep, although still not Burial, and ultimately shaped my listening trends for the last half of the year, pointing through various sources to artists such as Mount Kimbie, Teebs, Gold Panda, Shed, John Roberts, Digital Mystikz and a whole host of others.

I'm not really sure what genre this is, maybe instrumental hip hop, Boomkat choose to label it beats/downtempo/boogie, whichever way it is awesome, i can at least guarantee you that much. Despite an off putting first track or so this mix really picks up the pace quickly and peeks between tracks 7 &9 which are simply excellence after excellence, maybe topped only by the incredible closing track Eat my Garbage 2, 8 minutes plus of dubby drums and filthy synth stabs. A musical trip well worth investing your time in.

Spoiler : Reviews:
Independant: More of a stopgap collection of incidental music and rudimentary beatscapes than a fully-considered follow-up to 2007's epochal I'll Sleep When You're Dead, this is nonetheless infused with El-P's characteristic dystopian sci-fi mood and edgy, paranoiac tone.

"Take You Out At The Ball Game" opens matters with waltzing strings sketching the melody before it's crushed by big drums, synths and indecipherable crowd chanting; thereafter, many of the tracks employ deep bass synth burrs, crunching beats and John Carpenter-esque lead synth lines. But it's El-P's way with a drum track that's best showcased here, particularly on the closing seven-minute "Eat My Garbage 2", where the sequences vary from the stilted to the slick and jazzy.

Boomkat: Continuing the tradition of 1998's 'Little Johnny From The Hospital' and the more recent 'Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx2', El-P serves 15 diverse instrumentals for Def Jux. He largely shuns samples for this LP, instead favouring a powerfully synth and drum driven excursion with fragments of electro wired with a heavy rock vibe.