4. Anika - Anika (Invada)

on Sunday, 26 December 2010
An extraordinarily succesful collaboration between Portishead and Beak>'s Geoff Barrow and German artist Anika. This is the sound of the sixties Girl Group given an almighty dub reworking. Her voice haunting and Nico like, the bass, deep and deeper still. Each song managing to stick in your mind and have you singing along despite the almost doomy feel. End of the World and No Ones There stand out amongst a very impressive collection.

Spoiler : What Boomkat Said:
This album came about when German artist Anika crossed paths with British band Beak while she was working as a political journalist between Berlin and Bristol. Spending just twelve days in the studio, Anika and Beak came out with a wholly unique album that clashes together punk ethics, dub-inspired production and the sort of songwriting approach you'd associate with the golden era of girl groups, during the sixties. Former single 'Yang Yang' seems to get better every time you hear it, and there's a massively weird DIY reggae cover of Bob Dylan's 'Masters Of War' that's far better than you could possibly expect.