Bearsuit Go Dubstep!?

on Wednesday, 8 December 2010
I've long been a lover of Bearsuit and I even have the original Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck 7" single to prove it, not that anyone would want me to do that but there you go. Renowned for their hectic boy/girl screaming interchangeable vocals and their ability to slip from Belle & Sebastianesque pop to Melt Banana white noise whilst still retaining pop sensibilities, it can only be good news that they have a new album on the horizon, The Phantom Forest, which is due for imminent release on the lovely Fortuna Pop! label.

So, just to give you absolutely no idea what to expect from the album, here's a filthy dubstep remix of one of the tracks from the aforementioned album, When Will I Be Queen. An affinity with Bearsuit is not required as this is like nothing they've touched before, judging by how good it is maybe they should take it as a new direction or at least slap Crystal Castles around their face with it until they realise this is how you make music.
Bearsuit - When Will I Be Queen? (KANEDUBSTEP Remix) by KANEDUBSTEP

Bearsuit - Please Don't Take Him Back mp3